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Spire Apr.21

  • The Spire April 2021
    If you purchased Easter flowers please contact the office if you need help getting them after service. Barbara
    will be placing most of them outside on the back porch for easy pick up.
    These Days are located on the table in the fellowship room. If you would like a copy but can’t come in to get
    one, let Barbara know and she will mail one.
    During the week of April 12-16 Barbara will be in and out of the office. It is spring break for the kids. If you
    need anything, please email if possible. Barbara has linked the email account to her phone and will be able to
    get right back to you. Thank you in advance for the understanding.
    Prudential News:
    The Prudential committee would like to let the congregation know what we are doing to prepare for our
    reopening. There are a couple of things that have been done and are planned to be done.
    1. Culbertson Hall and the Nursery room in Parish Hall have been painted
    2. We are in the process of going through closets and areas in the church to start disposing of items no
    longer used. Hopefully, in May, we’ll send a notice out to the congregation with items that would be
    available to anyone who would like them.
    3. We are transitioning to a more lightweight table for Parish Hall. The congregation will have an
    opportunity to contribute to their purchases, if so desired. We have presently donated all our metal
    tables to Marvelwood School.
    4. If the congregation vote on April 6
    to transfer money form the building and capital improvement funds
    for the painting of the Sanctuary and Lecture room, we will hopefully be able to start that project in May
    and have it completed in early June.
    5. Lastly, we will be having a spring cleanup on May 2 beginning at noon. Since we have not done a
    church cleanup for two years, we may have some work to do. More information on this will be
    forthcoming at a later date.
  • A much deserved thank you to Steve Robey
    As many of you know, Steve is the treasurer of our church. He not only does the church’s budget, but he
    also is in charge of our endowments (including investments). He keeps tract of the investment to make sure
    they are in a high preforming portfolio that reflects our church’s value system.
    Over the years, everyone has seen what Steve does behind the scenes. Whether is shoveling the walkways,
    fixing items around the church that needed attention and even, with his family, putting up the Christmas Tree
    this year in our Sanctuary to give us a bit of the holiday spirit while live streaming. And when you come back
    to Culbertson Hall in the Parish House, you’ll see a new chair rail that Steve installed.
    The Kent Congregational church is very fortunate to have a member, like Steve, who does so much for the
    church without a lot of fanfare. Well, it’s time for the church to give some fanfare and say how much we
    appreciate his love for this church. Thank you Steve!
    “Rowan Vincent Purdy was born to Olivia (LaFontan) and Patrick Purdy on March 13, 2021. Maternal
    grandparents are Vince and Maria LaFontan and aunt is Abigail LaFontan. Great aunt and uncle are
    Rebecca DaSilva and Lyle LaFontan. Great grandparents are Dennis and Beverly LaFontan”
    Opportunities within the congregation
    Book Club
    Joshua has come home. But home is no more peaceful then it was during the “time long ago”
    remembered by Joshua. Violent, seemingly intractable disputes poison the very air. It falls to Joshua,
    retracing the path taken two millennia ago, to lead his followers to peace in this world as well as in
    the next. Joshua in the Holy Land will carry every reader back to where it all began.
    Book group meets the third Wednesday of every month at 3pm via zoom. Email John for the zoom
    link if you want to join.