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 The Spire May 2021





    SUNDAY, MAY 16, 2021

    At 11:00 am Via Zoom


    Election of officers and standing committee members.

    • Vote to approve the following as recommended and approved by the Prudential Committee and approved by the Council of Ministries:
    1. Moving funds in the Unrestricted Fund as follows:
    2. Take $200,000 from the Growth Fund of America and move $100,000 into Vanguard Social Index Fund Admiral (VFTAX) and $100,000 into Parnassus Core (PRBLV.)
    3. Move all funds, approximately $132,000 from Hartford Midcap to Parnassus Mid Cap (PAMX.)
    4. Move all of American Euro Pacific, approximately $46,000 to Fidelity International Sustainability Index.
    5. Moving funds in the Outreach Fund as follows:
    6. Take $100,000 out of the Growth Fund of America and put $50,000 in Vanguard Social Index Fund and $50,000 in Parnassus Core Fund.
    7. Moving funds in the Building Fund as follows:
    8. Move all the money in the Growth Fund of America, about $65,400 into the Vanguard Social Index Fund.
    9. Move all the money currently in Euro Pacific Fund, about $16,300, into the Fidelity International Sustainability Index Fund.

    All moves, if approved, will transfer funds into more socially responsible and sustainability investment funds.

    Vote to approve grants from the Nelson Endowment Fund in the amount of $2,000 to CHORE Service ($1,000) and Housatonic Youth Services Bureau ($1,000) as recommended and approved by the Outreach Committee.


    • Hear reports of the Treasurer, the Pastor and the Committees.




    Madison LaFontan has been accepted at NYU for the fall semester. She sent a response note to the deacons and they wanted to share. Congratulations Madison and good luck.

    Dear Deacons and fellow members of FCCK,
    It was a pleasure receiving both of your kind letters! I have enjoyed growing up with our small Kent family, and I would not be the same without you! NYU has been the dream, and I simply cannot believe that I will be attending in the fall! My love for music blossomed within our church, and I will never forget where I’ve come from because of it. Thank you for everything all you have done for my family and I!
    Much love

    Thank you to everyone who has been sending in offerings and keeping up with their pledges.  It is very much appreciated!

    Opportunities within the Congregation

    Please remember to join us for an outdoor cleanup day on Sunday, May 2nd. Bring your gloves, buckets, rakes, ect. and help us to clean up the lawns. We would also like to focus on cleaning up the reflection garden.




    Message from Kent Food Bank-Seeking Donations:

    Juice, canned fruit, peanut butter, canned chicken, condiments, hearty soups, granola bars, soap, coffee, popcorn, triscuits, syrup, canned beans, paper towels, pasta and pasta sauce, and canned tomato products. Non perishable only.

    Donations can be left at IGA, or dropped at Kent Food Bank Thursdays 9-12 and Fridays from 9-10 (located lower level of Kent Community House).

     The Quality Thrift Shop has increased our hours recently. We are now open 5 days a week from 12-4pm. We are still looking for new volunteers to take some shifts. The thrift shop started in 1989 in the basement of the parish house.

    Puzzles- Bethany is helping the Kent Memorial Library by pricing and doing the puzzles for the sidewalk sale. She is always looking for people to do the puzzles before selling them to ensure that all the pieces are there. If you are interested in helping, you can either let the office know and Barbara will get you in touch, or, you can email her at fcckentmedia@gmail.com



    If anyone is interested in getting the Covid-19 vaccine but is having problems getting an appointment. High Watch is now able to accept walk-in appointments until 2pm. No need to call ahead. No need to schedule. They are open Tuesday through Saturday at Kent Barns.


     There is a new restaurant opening in town. High Watch is opening a café called Wilson’s the first week in June. It will be open 7 days a week from 6 am through lunch. They are opening to provide opportunities for former guests and alumni of High Watch to be employed. This is supposed to be the next step in helping people to get back into the work force in a safe environment.