(860) 927-3335 fcckentminister@gmail.com

Ministry Team

John Paul Zurlo
John Paul has joined our staff as of December 2018.  He can be reached at

Office Administrator Gloria Hill
Gloria has been at FCC for over 30 years.   You can reach her by email at fcckentoffice@gmail.com or 860-927-3335

Church School Director Bethany Keck
Bethany has been our CSD for over 10 years.  She is a Social Worker and has a 5 year old son.  You can reach Bethany at bethanykeck223@gmail.com 

Church School Teachers Barbara Deitz and Samantha Deitz are here every Sunday morning to teach the children according to the curriculummore info here

Church Council Chairperson Becky Thornton thornton84@comcast.net

Head Deacon Millie Olson aolson@ix.netcom.com