(860) 927-3335 fcckentminister@gmail.com

Ministry Team

John Paul Zurlo
John Paul has joined our staff as of December 2018.  He can be reached at john.zurlo@yahoo.com

Office Administrator Gloria Hill
Gloria has been at FCC for over 30 years.   You can reach her by email at fcckentoffice@gmail.com or 860-927-3335

Church School Director Bethany Keck
Bethany has been our CSD for over 10 years.  She is a Social Worker and has a 5 year old son.  You can reach Bethany at bethanykeck223@gmail.com 

Church School Teachers – Barbara Deitz and Samantha Deitz are here every Sunday morning to teach the children according to the curriculum.  more info here

Church Council Chairperson Becky Thornton thornton84@comcast.net

Head Deacon Millie Olson aolson@ix.netcom.com