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First Congregational Church of Kent e-Spire

Volume 3, Number 4
January 22, 2022
A Message from Pastor John
First, a quick reminder: The 2022 Budget Informational Meeting is set for tomorrow morning at 11:00 am. The meeting will be on Zoom, and earlier this afternoon I sent out a Zoom link to everyone, and I trust I’ll see you all tomorrow at 11:00.
And, here now, the news, as Roger Grimsby used to say: I would like to announce that beginning with this coming week I’ll be having open office hours three days a week. On Tuesday and Wednesday I’ll have office hours from 11:00-1:00 in my office at the Parish House, and on Thursday I’ll be at Wilson’s on Main Street from 2:00-4:00. On Tuesday and Wednesday you will find me sitting in my office with the back door to the Parish House unlocked, waiting to chat with all and sundry who may show up. What will I be doing when you arrive? Oh, I may be sitting in a comfortable chair, reading, or perhaps noodling a bit on the computer, but what I’ll be doing when you show up isn’t really what’s important. What IS important is that after you arrive, I’ll talk about whatever you’re interested in. Do you want to talk baseball? Swell. Are you curious about some obscure point of Biblical interpretation, or some deep theological puzzle? That’s what I’m here for. Do you want to moan about someone in the church who’s driving you absolutely crazy? Your secret is safe with me. Do you want to discuss my many personal and professional shortcomings? Well, first of all, “ouch,” but, OK, sure, its your time. The point is, whatever you’ve got on your mind, show up in my office between 11-1 on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the floor is yours.
And the same will true on Thursday from 2-4 at Wilson’s. Why Wilsons? Well, I figure that for some folks coming to my office my seem a little bit, well, uncomfortable. And, of course, like many American Protestants some of you might think there’s really no reason to come to church at any time other than Sunday morning. But, whatever your reason, Wilson’s will offer a convivial spot for folks to sit down for a little chat, what with the comfortable seating, a fire in the grate, a refreshing beverage, and perhaps a tasty snack.
So, anyway, there’s the long and the short of it–office hours start this coming week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, so come on in.
Oh, and since I opened with a Roger Grimsby reference, let me close with another one that might be familiar to those of you who remember the Golden Age of New York television news:
Here’s hoping your news is good news, I’m Pastor John.

shallow focus photography of musical note book
The Hymn of the Week
Our hymn of the week for this week, is This is a Day of New Beginningswritten by the English hymnwriter Brian Wren, who is probably the most widely-published hymnwriter of the Twentieth Century. How widely published? Well, our Worship and Rejoice hymnal has no less that twenty-six Brian Wren hymns in it–in fact, he’s the hymnwriter with the MOST hymns in our hymnal. This is a Day of New Beginnings was originally written for a New Year’s Eve service, which makes the “new beginnings” theme particularly appropriate, I suppose, but the fact is, with God ANY day can be a day of new beginnings, so its really a hymn for any Sunday.