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First Congregational Church of Kent e-Spire

Volume 3, Number 19
May 14, 2022
A Message from Pastor John

First, a Thank-you: I want to start off this week by saying a sincere thank-you to all the folks, especially our Deacons, who pitched in this afternoon to help out with Cliff and Bobbi Burnett’s memorial service.  I think we gave Cliff and Bobbi the sendoff they deserved, and I know that the Burnett family was very appreciative of both the service and the reception.  So, thanks very much to all of you who made that possible!  And by the way, if you did not get the chance to join us in person in church this afternoon, or catch the livestream of the service, it will be available on our YouTube channel soon–ah, the wonders of technology!


Second, a Scheduling Reminder: My installation service is coming up soon–in less than a month, in fact–on Sunday, June 5th, at 1:00 pm.  It goes without saying that I would be delighted to see as many of you there as possible, so I won’t say that.  What I will say is that there will be a reception following the service, and for that, we’re going to need some food.  Nothing too big, the reception won’t be sit-down meal, or anything like that, but we are looking for folks who might be interested in bringing in some small sandwiches, cheese and crackers, fruit, deserts, salads–you know, the kind of thing you have for church receptions.  Thanks!


And Now This: Do you know when you need a vacation?  Its when you can’t think of anything to write for your eSpire article!  And since I find myself in that sorry position this evening, I suppose its a good thing that I’m planning on going on vacation this week.  I’ll be away from May 16-22, so there will be no office hours this week.  There will, however, be Bible Study and Book Group, since I’ll be doing stuff around the house for the first half of the week, but after Book Group on Wednesday I am out of here!  I’ll be heading down to Pennsylvania for a few days, to see the family and some friends, and after that . . . well, I’m not sure what I’ll do after that, but I’m sure I’ll think of something.  But don’t panic: If there is an emergency you can always email me at fcckentminister@gmail.com, or call Barbara in the office, who’ll be able to get a hold of me.  And as for worship on Sunday, worship will be ably led by my friend and colleague Rev. Victoria Kowarick, who has, as some of you may remember graced our pulpit before.


shallow focus photography of musical note book
The Hymn of the Week

Our Hymn of the Week for this week is another Easter Season favorite,Thine is the Glory, which was written by Swiss clergyman Edmond Budry is 1884, and translated into English by Richard Birch Hoyle in 1923, after which it began to turn up in English language hymnals. 

Which is all well and good, of course, but what really makes this hymn a favorite aren’t the words, but the tune, for which neither Budry or Birch can take the credit.  The man who can take the credit is the great German-English composer George Friderick Handel.  In fact, Handel wrote the tune over a century before the words, since he first included it in his 1747 oratorio Joshua. The tune soon proved to wildly popular, so popular, in fact, that Handel rewrote his older oratorio Judas Maccabaeusspecifically to include it. Indeed, Handel was so fond of this tune that he believed it would go down in history as the most beloved of his compositions.  Which goes to show that Handel was a great composer, but a lousy prophet, since his most beloved composition, by far, is the “Halleluja Chorus” from his oratorio, Messiah.