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One and All,

I’ve been thinking a lot about adaptability this week.  One of the things about the times we’re all living through is that they’ve forced us all to adapt.  So much of what was routine just a few weeks ago, so much of what we took for granted, so much of what we used to do without really even thinking about it is, is now gone.  We’ve all been forced to do new things, or to do familiar things in new ways.  School is different, work is different, shopping is different, staying in touch with the people we know and love is different, in fact, so many things are so different now that it’s kind of a challenge to think of something that’s exactly the same as it was even as recently as the beginning of last month!

And, of course, along with everyone else, we’ve had to adapt here at church as well.  So much of what used to be familiar, and usual, and comfortable about church has changed—heck, most of us can’t even GO to church right now.  We’ve had to adapt how we do worship, adapt how we do Christian education, adapt how our church boards and committees function; just like everybody else, pretty much everything we do at church has changed in the past month or so.  Because of the coronavirus lockdown, we have had to do things that we would have never even thought about doing just a few weeks ago.

And you know what?  By and large, it has gone OK.  We’ve changed how we worship, how we meet, how we teach and learn, and we’ve barely missed a beat.  Don’t let anybody ever tell you that New Englanders and old New England churches can’t change, because they can!  We may not necessarily like change, mind you, but when we have to we can.  It turns out that our church and our people are a whole lot more adaptable than even we may have thought we were not all that long ago.  And the way we’ve adapted will be just as useful when we’re finally allowed to start meeting in person again as it is now, because my guess is that when we start meeting in person again the world is going to be a different place in some ways, so I guess what they tell you in leadership programs really is true: The future really does belong to the adaptable—and the adaptable are us!