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 First Congregational Church of Kent e-Spire

Volume 2, Number 17
May 1, 2021


A Message from Pastor John
As the great Tom Lehrer once observed, “Mother’s Day is here, by golly, disapproval would be folly.” Actually Tom Lehrer was referring to Christmas, but you get the point: The one who ignores Mother’s Day does so at one’s own peril. And since Mother’s Day is so firmly established in the American psyche, smart operators know how to use it as motivation to move all sorts of products that have only the most tangential connection to dear old Mom–like, for example, greeting cards.
I mention this because, as they have so successfully done in years past, our Outreach Committee is offering the congregation the chance to purchase special Church World Service greeting cards is support of CWS’s Blanket and Tool programs. Cards purchased for Mother’s Day will support CWS’s Blanket Program and cards purchased for Father’s Day will support CWS’s Tool Program. (Because here at church we believe in using Dad’s special day as a chance to raise money for a worthy cause just like we use Mom’s–equal opportunity, that’s what we’re all about here at church!)
Did you know that ten bucks is all it takes to give someone who has suffered the loss of their home or possessions in a natural disaster, or someone who may just need one, but can’t afford it, a warm blanket to keep them comfortable and safe? And, in the same way, ten bucks goes a long way towards providing tools, seeds, supplies, and training for people in developing regions to build a better and more secure future for themselves. Yes, supporting Church World Service’s Blanket and Tool Programs is clearly the right thing to do. And you can do that by purchasing a CWS greeting card for–you guessed it–a mere ten dollars.
And, after all, didn’t Mom (and Dad, for that matter) teach you to do the right thing? Well, of course they did. And don’t you want to do the right thing in honor of Mom (and Dad, too)? Well, of course you do. And since, as we have already established, purchasing CWS greeting cards to support the Blanket and Tool programs is clearly the right thing to do, all you need to know now is how to do it!
And here’s how to do it: All you need to do is email me (at fcckentminister@gmail.com) or Barbara (at fcckentoffice@
gmail.com) or call the office, and tell us when you want to come in and pick up your cards. We’ll get the cards ready, you’ll give your check or cash, and everyone will go home happy. If you want to save a visit to the office, you can simply mail your check to the Financial Secretary here at the office, tell what sort of cards you want, and we’ll mail them out to you. Either way, its just that simple–and such a great way to help others while also honoring Mom and Dad!
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The Hymn of the Week

Our hymn of the week for this week is Lord of the Dancewhich is one of those hymns that sounds a lot older than it actually is. The hymn sounds old because it uses the classic Shaker tune “Simple Gifts,” which many people know thanks to Aaron Copeland, who borrowed it for one of the main themes in his ballet “Appalachian Spring.” The tune goes back to 1848, the ballet to 1944, but the hymn itself only dates back to 1963, when it was written by Sydney Carter. But while the hymn itself isn’t that old, Carter did borrow an old narrative technique in writing it. In Lord of the Dance, Jesus tells the story of his ministry in the first person, a technique that was first used in the medieval carol, Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day.