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Pastor’s Pen

A star. A simple paper star. A simple paper star with one word on it. A simple paper star with one word on it that journeyed with us throughout our year, encouraging us to pause at various times in our journey. How can a simple paper star, randomly picked from among a 100 and fifty others speak so deeply? And yet, think about it for a moment. Every year we wait in hopeful anticipation of the one light – a star – that would gift a people waiting in darkness both light and love. A star that would guide not only shepherds and magi but would be our guiding light as we seek to open ourselves – our minds, hearts, entire being – to the gift of God’s love birth in Jesus.
On January 6th, Epiphany Sunday, we once again randomly picked our Star gift and for many your journey has begun and I love hearing the stories you are sharing. For some of us, it will take a while for our star to reveal itself to us. For others, you have still yet to receive your gift and I invite you to stop by the church and grab a star from the basket near the door that leads into the Lecture Room. My prayer is that you see these stars as a gift, simple in design but yet have the capacity to speak deeply and guide you on your faith journey. Hang the star where you can see it daily – in your car, on a mirror, above your TV or computer, above the coffee maker, in a purse or wallet… take a moment each day and give space for the word to speak to you in prayer, in journaling, in simply pausing for a moment to be reminded of the word.
Thank you also to all who shared the way their Star Word from 2018 was made manifest. They were stories filled with vulnerability, hope, a bit of laughter, tears, and new life and I give thanks for your willingness to give witness to the Spirit that is entwined within this simply paper star. My word this year is “nurture” and as I continue to care for my faith community and the world at large, I am giving space for my own spirit, mind, body to be nurtured in turn. It is a holy challenge.

In Light and Love, Pastor Abby