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New Year’s greetings to all! I am currently writing this on my cell phone as I travel home from Indiana. Traveling is good for my soul and I give thanks that I am able to get out and travel and the many adventures I have embarked upon. This Sunday, we will hear the story of Epiphany; the story of the magi who traveled from distant lands following the light of a single star. A star that would lead them to a new beginning, even as their own journey seems to end.
As we welcome in this New Year, I invite you to think of your own life journeys and to see this New Year as a new beginning with new roads to travel. May this blessing from Jan Richardson speak to you as you make space for the newness and possibilities of this new year. ~ Pastor Abby

Where the Map Begins: A Blessing for Epiphany
© Jan Richardson, from Circle of Grace

This is not any map you know.
Forget longitude. Forget latitude.
Do not think of distances
or of plotting the most direct route.
Astrolabe, sextant, compass:
these will not help you here.

This is the map that begins with a star.
This is the chart that starts with fire,
with blazing, with an ancient light
that has outlasted generations, empires,
cultures, wars.

Look starward once, then look away.
Close your eyes and see how the map
begins to blossom behind your lids, how it constellates,
its lines stretching out from where you stand.

You cannot see it all, cannot divine the way
it will turn and spiral, cannot perceive how
the road you walk will lead you finally inside,
through the labyrinth of your own heart
and belly and lungs.

But step out and you will know
what the wise who traveled
this path before you knew:
the treasure in this map is buried
not at journey’s end but at its beginning.