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A Community of 

Faith, Service,

& Love

Join us for Worship, Sundays at 10 AM

The First Congregational Church of Kent welcomes all those who are seeking an opportunity to worship no matter what religious affiliation they may or may not be.  As an active congregation of the United Church of Christ, we strive to show our love for God, neighbor, and creation in all we say and do.

You will be able to watch the service on either Facebook or YouTube.  To access the service on either platform simply go to either Facebook or YouTube and search for “First Congregational Church of Kent” which should take you to either our Facebook page or our brand-spanking new YouTube channel!
Or just click here First Congregational Church of Kent

Click here for our Sunday Bulletin. Palm Sunday 2020 Service

One of the commitments we make to all of you is that worship at our church is going to go on, even if we have to do some things differently for the time being.  The plan is to record a service every Saturday afternoon so that service will be available for you on Sunday morning.  Or on Tuesday afternoon.  Or Monday evening.  One of the advantages of this new online format is that you’ll be able to access the service whenever you get the chance–or more than once during the week if you feel like it!  We know that this format is not at all the same as gathering in person in church.

Let the online worship service serve as a sign of our mutual commitment to do whatever we need to do to keep our beloved First Congregational Church alive and thriving during this unprecedented time!

Spiritual Formation

There are opportunities for all ages


Outreach is an important part of our mission

No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.