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We are members of the
United Church of Christ

“No matter who you are 
or where you are 
on life’s journey, you are welcome here.”


God is still speaking,






"To everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven." Ecclesiastes 3:1

First, let me begin by thanking you all for the extravagant welcome you all offered to myself and my family on our first Sunday together. I am grateful to be given this opportunity to join you all during this season of transition. I have been told by many of you, including Melinda, that there is a Spirit that lives and breathes in this faith community, and I believe in that Spirit and feel that Spirit's presence. It is in that Spirit's embrace and guidance that we are called into this time of transition.

We are in a season of transition. A season in which we intentionally join together to discern who we are now and who we are called to be as the First Congregational Church of Kent. So, during this season of transition, we will pause for moments of silence as we remember and listen to the stories of our past. During this season of transition, we will lift up and celebrate the stories of our present. And, during this season of transition, we will dream dreams and look with hope-filled spirits to our future story.

Transition brings change, but it also brings chance. A chance to discover anew our calling to be the hands and feet of Christ, the voice of God's hope and love. I know there will be times of anxiety, even fear, as we live into this new season. I affirm those emotions and give space for your questions and concerns. My hope though is, that no matter what point on the emotional spectrum we find ourselves, we come together authentically and wholly in the discernment of our future. Let's continue to welcome in the Spirit and allow that same Spirit, who has lived and breathed among us for so long, be the Spirit that moves us through this season of transition and to the calling of your next settled minister.

It was with great joy and hope that I begin my ministry with you all, Pastor Abby


Church School News

Hello all! Happy (almost) October!! We have had an excellent 3 week start to church school and are learning about the parables in the Bible! Thank you so much to Linda Hall for teaching the first 3 weeks! Linda and I will be splitting teaching in the weeks to come as we learn more about the stories Jesus told! Please join us!

I want to also say a huge thank you to Amanda for helping me clean out the church school closet over the past 2 weeks - we filled 2 big garbage bags! You can walk in there and find things again (and shockingly did not find Charlie this time!).

Have a good month all! -Bethany


If you are mailing anything to the church, please use our PO Box number 306.  The mail you address to the street number is automatically sorted to the carrier who does not deliver to us since we do not have a mailbox on the street.  If you do not use our PO Box number your letter and/or check could take much longer to receive or be returned to you.   Thank you.



YOGA with Kristin Wilkins All Level Yoga with emphasis on alignment Starting October 3, Tuesdays 6-7:15 pm in our Parish Hall $15 drop in fee - First Class $10  call/text 860.488.1886

The Deacons will be putting together "Care" packages for our children in college for their final exams. We are asking for donations of individual snacks, etc. but request that you bring them at the end of October. *They would like to know who is in college NOW so please email Gloria with their address as they tend to change year to year. Some ideas: microwave popcorn, small pages of cookies/chips/pretzels/nuts/trail mix, granola bars, packs of crackers and cheese, beef jerky.

ALL SAINTS DAY is Sunday, November 5. If you would like to remember someone who has departed please email Gloria or call the church office with the name/s and spelling and who is requesting the remembrance and they will be printed in the bulletin.

LOVE THEM BACK TO LIFE First Harvey, then Irma. The two Category 4 Hurricanes making landfall in the United States two weeks apart - in Texas, in Florida and in the Caribbean - spurred a massive call to action across the United Church of Christ. UCC Disaster Ministries is executing a long-term recovery plan, as seen in this video Love them back to life shot in Texas, to help those who need it most. From an early assessment trip, meetings with the Conference Minister and local pastors, tours of flooded neighborhoods and solidarity grants sent to congregations to help further their disaster ministries, donations from the wider church are making it possible to love the affected communities back to life. Disaster Ministries is continuing the same type of reconnaissance work in Florida. 
THANK YOU to everyone who has donated so far for a total of $632.

The Outreach Committee will be accepting donations of new socks from October 1st through the 29th to benefit the homeless men, women, and children through The Christ Church Cathedral in Hartford, CT. Visit the happysocktober website or our little Socktober tree on the table just before you go into the Lecture Room and then drop off your donations by our big Socktober tree in the Lecture Room.



Drivers are needed for FISH (Friends in Service Here). Drivers take Kent residents who cannot drive to doctor appointments and to do chores in town. If you can give one day a month, please call Peter Lacey at 860-927-4428.

There are numerous opportunities sponsored by... 
The Kent Historical Society  
The Kent Memorial Library    
Visit their websites to see what they have available. 

Go to  there are 8 non-profit organizations that you can "donate" to just by clicking the "Click here to give" box. So easy!  The GreaterGood Network is a family of websites that provide simple, effective, feel-good ways to directly help people, animals, and the planet. Thank you for your caring online actions. The Hunger Site, The Breast Cancer Site, The Veterans Site, The Autism Site, The Diabetes Site, The Literacy Site, the Animal Rescue Site, The Rainforest Site.  Since 1999, the GreaterGood Network has raised and given more than $30 million dollars to charities across the United States and around the world.
AND - they sell fabulous gifts from around the world!!

Would you like to buy great coffee and bring a little bit of justice to the world?  You can! 

Order  "Equal Exchange" Fairly Traded Coffee


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