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We are members of the
United Church of Christ

“No matter who you are 
or where you are 
on life’s journey, you are welcome here.”


God is still speaking,








Vote to approve by 2/3rds of the members present and voting, the Council of Ministries nomination of members to serve on the Pastoral Selection Committee (5 to 9 members per the ByLaws), plus two alternates, each to serve in place of a Committee member, should a Committee member be unable to serve.


Pastor's Pen

With what feels like little time to pause in stillness and reflection, we have strolled past the innocence of the manger, barely taking time to kneel in adoration and praise, as we then quickly splashed a little water on our foreheads, as we received the blessing and reminder of our name, Beloved. Then with a rush of fear and hope, we said "yes" to the call to follow Jesus, only after a death defying journey with Jesus through the trials of the wilderness. And now we are here, out of breath, exhausted, anxious, and if we are honest a little fearful, yet hope-filled, ready to point our tired feet towards the path that will lead Jesus to the cross.
On Epiphany, I invited you all to blindly grab a "star-word" out of the basket as you entered into worship. This star-gift holds for you an invitation; an invitation that is interwoven with a bit of challenge and a bit more chance and a lot of hope. What I encourage you to do this Lent, is to give space for the word to speak to you. As many people will give something up as their Lenten practice, I invite you to do the opposite and take something on, specifically your star-word. Journey with Jesus to the cross but keep your focus on what your star-word is saying; listen for the Still-Speaking God and join in worship during the Season of Lent as we journey with Jesus beyond the cross to the promise of life.
                                                   ~ In hope, Pastor Abby

P.S. If you haven't received a star-word yet and would like one send me a message, stop by the office, or get one on any Sunday before or after worship from the basket.


Church School News

It has come to my attention that there is some talk around town regarding some unhappiness about the noise and disruption that the younger children are making at the beginning of the church service.  Right now, our church school roster has 18 kids on in, and HALF of these cherubs are under 5 years old.  As those of you who have had or cared for children know and remember, young children are not the quietest and need a lot of guidance and reminders to sit still!  Please understand that parents and grandparents, as well as the RE committee, are doing our best to help children learn appropriate behavior in church.  We have added some more quiet materials to the back of the church to aid in this.  It saddens me that we have had suggestions to keep the children out of church completely, because then there is no way that they will be able to learn and grow in the church, thus becoming church members themselves and continuing the church into the future. 

Please understand that we cannot grow the church or church school by leaving out our children and young families.  If you have concerns and/or ideas, please, please feel free to bring them to me – I will listen!  On another note, we also REALLY need people to teach church school and/or play with our youngest in the nursery – you do not have to be a parent to share your love with our kids!  Let me know if this is something you would be interested in. 

Thank you all for your time, your love, and your patience!


SHROVE TUESDAY, February 13 - join us for a Pancake Supper (Gluten free pancakes will be available) and worship. Dinner will be at 5 and worship at 6.

The Connecticut Conference is extremely blessed to own and run its own campsite - right in Sharon, CT. In the summer, it sponsors one week camps and conferences for young people going into grades 4 through high school. The camps and conferences are on all kinds of themes - from art, to sports to music to the environment and many more. The church and the QTS (together) give $50 scholarships to summer campers.
You can see the summer schedule and register for camps at: 
There are also brochures on the bookshelf in the Lecture Room.
If you have any questions, please see/call Pastor Abby (860-927-3335)  __________________________________________________________________


CALLING ALL CHOCOHOLICS! You can support The Kent Center School Scholarship Fund by participating in their 23nd Annual Chocolate Fest from 3:30 - 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, February 8th at Kent Center School. A plate of chocolate confections is still only $5 - and because it is for a good cause there are no calories! (In the case of inclement weather, the event will take place on Friday, February 9th.)

Drivers are needed for FISH (Friends in Service Here). Drivers take Kent residents who cannot drive to doctor appointments and to do chores in town. If you can give one day a month, please call Peter Lacey at 860-927-4428.

There are numerous opportunities sponsored by... 
The Kent Historical Society  
The Kent Memorial Library    
Visit their websites to see what they have available. 

Go to  there are 8 non-profit organizations that you can "donate" to just by clicking the "Click here to give" box. So easy!  The GreaterGood Network is a family of websites that provide simple, effective, feel-good ways to directly help people, animals, and the planet. Thank you for your caring online actions. The Hunger Site, The Breast Cancer Site, The Veterans Site, The Autism Site, The Diabetes Site, The Literacy Site, the Animal Rescue Site, The Rainforest Site.  Since 1999, the GreaterGood Network has raised and given more than $30 million dollars to charities across the United States and around the world.
AND - they sell fabulous gifts from around the world!!

Would you like to buy great coffee and bring a little bit of justice to the world?  You can! 

Order  "Equal Exchange" Fairly Traded Coffee


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