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Teupasenti is a village of 10,000 people located in southeastern Honduras, near the Nicaraguan border.  During the Nicaraguan civil war of the 80’s & 90’s, Teupasenti was used as a Nicaraguan Contra refugee camp and, as a result, many of the area’s natural resources were heavily damaged—deforestation, extensive soil erosion and the decimation of the fish population in many rivers.  When Hurricane Mitch hit the area in late 1998, further devastation occurred, and there seemed little hope for recovery.  

Miguel Giron, a U.S. citizen and 30+year resident of Norwalk, Connecticut (with his wife and two sons), grew up in Teupasenti, and when he heard of the storm’s chaos, he returned to his native village and asked “What can I do?”  After many discussions with village leaders, it was agreed the future of the children was the greatest concern.  And so, in a matter of a few months, Miguel established the Children’s Rescue Mission, a U.S. based non-profit 501(c)(3). 

An impressive community center was built within two years, where the two main programs are vocational training and feeding the children.  Shortly thereafter, fifteen acres of good farmland was bought and a dairy cattle and chicken raising operation was started to provide nutritious food.

In late 2003, Miguel was asked what future activity was at the top of his “wish list”.  He replied that extreme poverty persisted, and that the children’s greatest need was additional nutritious meals at the community center.  

The cost to feed the children then was 50¢ per child for one meal and the cost to feed all 450 children who were served was $225 for one meal ($11,700 for one meal each week for a year). We have been raising money to feed the children every year since.

For the past ten+ years the First Congregational Church of Kent has developed a very close relationship with Miguel Giron and has become an important supporter of the Children’s Rescue Mission.  In June, 2003, seven members of the congregation spent a week in Teupasenti, serving meals, sorting donated clothing and planting seeds at the farm. 

The congregation of this Church is seeking contributions, both within and outside the Congregational Church family, with the hope to commit to funding one additional meal each week for the next year. From personal observation, members of this Church can vouch for the desperate needs of the children of Teupasenti.

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